NPOST | Shërbimi Postar më i besueshëm në Kosovë

What is an N'Postomat?

N’POSTOMAT is a network of self-service postal machines that will be installed by E N LLC in Kosovo. They serve to receive and send packages of goods mainly ordered by customers to merchants via the Internet. These self-service cars are a new trend in developed economies and are intelligently controlled through the mobile application as well as the screen. They are very attractive to customers as they enable them to receive and send orders at any time and work 24/7. When you shop online at vendors working with N'POST you will be able to choose the location closest to your address using the code which comes to you in the SMS or in the mobile application of NPOST as well as on Viber.


Become our partner and benefit by renting the unused space, percentage for each transaction (successful orders) as well as making your location more frequented by our customers.

Make your location more atractive

The more people visit your location to receive orders at our N'Postomat's , the more opportunities for your business

Earn money from renting space you do not use

Nothing bothers you. The vending machines were usually placed in locations where they do not obstruct, in alcoves and corners, parking.

Click & Collect 24/7

Postomat works 24/7 and you can use it for delivery of goods outside of your working hours for customers who buy online and want to receive the order outside of your working hours. At a preferential price you can use POSTOMAT to have your customers withdraw the goods even overtime when you are not working.

Preferential prices for our partners in our postal network

All our partners have preferential prices for the use of our postal services including the courier service up to the door and the network of post offices.

Where are they located?

N'Postomates are suitable in any place, especially when it takes up very little space. Businesses can take advantage of N'Postomati in a variety of ways. They can be placed in spaces such as:

Shops / Markets

Markets or shops, in the front space where there can be 24/7 access, unused corners in front or on the side of the store.

Gas Stations

At fuel pumps, where payments can be made and working 24/7.

Agency Service

Service or payment agency similar to a distributor

Shopping Center

Shopping Center

Technical Details

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Illustration of photos of where N'Postomatet can be placed