NPOST | Shërbimi Postar më i besueshëm në Kosovë

Offer unique experience and accuracy for your customers!

Grow your Online business with the courier service created especially for you. N’POST is the company that offers the most modern infrastructure and the most advanced technology. N’POST is not just a courier service, but focused on online commerce logistics. Some reasons why our offer is unique and our services are the highest quality on the market

In addition to sending packages, your customers will receive the best experience during the purchase, guaranteeing you accuracy and correctness through additional services included in our postal service such as SMS Assistant and call center and delivery of the order by trained persons in the service to the client.

Our prices are the same for everyone, they are determined by the volume of the quantity of orders and the size of the package.

Prices start from 1.5 EUR in promotions and quantities. Free cancellations / rejections.

We have seriously invested in technology and workflow management. You only have one access point from which to manage and monitor everything related to your account.

From this portal you can add messages, add mailing addresses, track the shipment and notify your customers automatically by email / sms, and many other features that are added every day.

From day one we offer you the API Module, with which you technically connect your store or your online sales platform with our system and all orders from your customers are registered directly in our system by automating your ordering system. As we come and receive the confirmed orders according to certain time intervals.

We collect money from your customers for free. From our account management system, you make the request for a draw and within 24 hours the collected money will be sent to you on the occasion of collecting orders the next day.

When collecting the order from our agent, the last customer receives an SMS regarding the status of the order, and in case of failure / cancellation of the order, the customer is notified via SMS with the reason for failing / canceling the order.

The assistant is now connected to the CRM system and your customers can write to Viber and FB messenger to know more about the status of the order.

You can call for free at our call center which is also the Operations Center which has a clear overview of what is happening with your order. In our call center you do not talk to postmen and incompetent people but you get the answer correctly and without delay.

Your customers can also call our call center, making it easier for sellers to work with your customers.